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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Heating and Air Conditioning in Fountain, CO

It’s easy to find a list of HVAC companies serving Fountain, CO. It’s not as easy finding one you can trust to do the job right and ensure that you’re 100% satisfied. But we’re glad to have made your search a short one, because Happy Heating & Cooling is a heating and air conditioning company where customer satisfaction is our top priority. "We’re not happy until you’re happy!"

We’re certified specialists in System Performance Design, Carbon Monoxide and Combustion, and Air–Balance. With more than 24 years of experience in heating and air conditioning, we can see that you get the work you need.

Air Conditioning

Happy Heating & Cooling is the contractor for your A/C service needs, no matter what they are. We are experts at air conditioning installation as well as air conditioning replacement, and we back up all our work with 5–year guarantees. We have a proven track record when it comes to A/C replacement and A/C installation–you’ll know you’re getting the new system you need to ensure you have comfort along with energy savings. Arrange for air conditioning service with us today.

A/C Repairs & Tune–Ups

You may not know it, but you need an A/C tune–up each spring. Arranging for annual air conditioning maintenance with our professionals in Fountain, CO ensures the lowest cost of system operation and far less call for A/C repair. An air conditioning tune–up is a great long–term bargain. We know it’s impossible for A/C maintenance to prevent all problems. It’s our job to make our customers happy, so you can trust to us for your air conditioning repair needs as well.


Having professional heating service during our winters isn’t a luxury! If you don’t have a good heating installation for your home and need to arrange for a better heater, call Happy Heating & Cooling. We offer heating replacement and new installations for many types of comfort systems to handle the cold weather of Fountain, CO including furnace repair and services. We protect your investment in winter comfort with 5–year guarantees and a utility savings guarantee.

Heater Repair & Tune–Ups

Is a heating tune–up necessary every year? Absolutely–if you want the best performance and longest life from your heating system. With our 2.5 Hour Super Heater Tune–Up, you’ll receive the thorough heating maintenance that ensures many years of trouble–free and energy– conserving operation. Heater maintenance also helps to prevent the majority of heating repair needs. But should the time come that your system has a malfunction, we offer the skilled heater repair in Fountain, CO to fix it.

Indoor Air Quality

Your home probably traps too much air inside it, and that can be a problem for indoor air quality. What can you do about it? A good start is to call the service specialists at Happy Heating & Cooling. We work with air purification and air filtrations solutions, and also offer duct cleaning. We can install an air purifier, energy recovery ventilator, humidifier, or other air quality system. As with everything we do, our goal is to see you’re fully satisfied with the results.