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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Our Maintenance Program

You wouldn’t let your car go without routine oil changes and tune-ups. You shouldn’t allow your vital air conditioning and heating system to go without its regular tune-ups either!

At Happy Heating & Cooling, we want to make regular spring and fall air conditioning and heating maintenance easy for you. That’s why we offer our famous Super Tune-Up. You arrange an appointment with us in Colorado Springs, CO, and in just about two and a half hours we’ll provide your comfort system with the most thorough tune-up around.

How Our Super Tune-Up Benefits You

Regular HVAC maintenance pays back a homeowner in many ways.

  • Reliable Performance: Enter summer and winter with the peace of mind that your equipment isn’t likely to break down unexpectedly.
  • Catch Potential Problems Early: Stop repairs before they become repairs.
  • Lowest Cost of Operation: Your HVAC system will run at its highest energy efficiency if it has a pre-season tune-up. You won’t waste money unnecessarily.
  • Warranty Compliance: Most warranties are only good if the unit receives an annual tune-up from a certified professional.
  • Safety: A tune-up ensures code compliance—and that means a safer HVAC system. This is especially important for gas furnaces and boilers.

What You Get with Our Super Tune-Up

Here is what you can expect from our service specialists when they come to your house for a biannual Super Tune-Up.

  • Check safe proper operation
  • Inspect to locate any gas leaks
  • Verify for proper venting and combustion
  • Check for carbon monoxide
  • Verify the system runs efficiently and effectively
  • Check on airflow
  • Check for proper heat transfer
  • Measure gas pressure
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge

The Super Tune-Up is our specialty at Happy Heating & Cooling. Get started today—it’s never too late to start caring for your heater and air conditioner.

Call our service specialists in Colorado Springs, CO and ask about the Super Tune-Up.