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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Heating Installation and Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO

Can you imagine getting through a year living in Colorado Springs, CO without a working central heating system in your home? You could imagine it—and it would be miserable, if not impossible. But you can keep this nightmare restricted to your imagination by working with HVAC professionals to ensure you have the right heating system installation or replacement for your house.

You can choose from many heating contractors serving the area, but Happy Heating & Cooling is special: we’ve been serving the Colorado Springs, CO area since 1994 and are focused on residential services. We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: we’re not happy until you’re happy!

Contact us for both heating installation and replacement throughout Colorado Springs!

What Type of Heating System Should You Install?

If you’re planning the first heating system installation for a new house, or you’ve decided it’s time to replace an old furnace (we have some tips on this below), you might find yourself stuck on making the choice about the type of heater. Our professionals will help you make the best choice.

  • Furnaces are the most common type of heater found in the area—and the rest of the country. Gas furnaces are powerful and cost less to run than electric models, but a home must have a natural gas connection for one to work.
  • The same is true of gas boilers, which are a great alternative form of heating that provides an even and fast spread of warmth, and even greater potential savings.
  • When it comes to using electricity for heating a house, heat pumps and ductless heating are good options to consider, although you can also go with a more standard electric furnace.

How Long Before You Need a Heating Replacement?

You have a heating system in your home already, and it’s been doing its job for years. It may have already been in the house before you moved in. The same system won’t work forever, and it’s important to know the point when it needs to be replaced—before it forces you to replace it by inconveniently breaking down.

Check on the system warranty to see how long the heater is expected to last. Gas furnaces can often work for 15 years, boilers can go more than 20, and heat pumps have a span between 10 to 15 years. Keep in mind that these estimates apply only if the system receives regular tune–ups and inspections each year. This is a service we offer, so make sure to inquire about our tune–ups so whatever heating system you get will last for the longest time possible.

Let the Heating Professionals in Colorado Spring, CO Do the Work

No matter if you have to retire an aging heater that can’t keep up with the winters in Colorado Springs, CO anymore or you’re planning a first heating system for a house, you only want the best professionals on the job. Amateurs not only won’t be able to do the work right, they could create a major safety hazard. This isn’t something you want to risk.

Happy Heating & Cooling is the reliable and experienced HVAC contractor to handle your heating installation and replacement needs. We’re residential replacement specialists, and we treat your home like our own on each job we do.