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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Duct Repair and Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO

One of the biggest causes of high utility bills in a home and general energy waste is one that people easily overlook: broken or leaky air ducts. The ductwork is hidden from sight in a house, so homeowners usually put it out of their minds and think of the ducts as impervious to damage. But the ducts of any house can become leaky—or perhaps they were poorly designed in the first place. Whatever the reason, the duct troubles will mean higher energy costs, uneven heating and cooling, and possibly even low indoor air quality.

Who do you call to fix these problems? In Colorado Springs, CO, you call Happy Heating & Cooling. We’re certified in System Performance Design and Air Balancing and have extensive work experience with residential HVAC systems—we started in business back in 1994. We’re committed to customer satisfaction: “We’re not happy until you’re happy!”

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Why Ducts Become Damaged or Leaky

Ductwork is disguised in homes, but that doesn’t mean it is protected. Ducts often suffer damage from corrosion or household pests and vermin. One of the more common problems is high air pressure inside the ducts that start to create air holes. Air pressure spikes can happen for a number of reasons, such as clogged up air filters, blocked air vents, or ducts that haven’t received thorough professional cleaning in years.

An all–too–common reason for duct problems is poor initial duct design. If the original installers during the construction of the house put in ducts of the wrong size or material, or laid out the ducts in a way that place extra air pressure inside them, it can mean a duct system that wears down too early.

Duct Replacement Services

If our ventilation experts find there are ways they can repair your ducts after they do an evaluation, that’s what they’ll do. Often this requires little more than basic duct sealing, although the work may be more extensive.

But in some cases, our professionals will recommend duct replacement. This is necessary in cases where the damage is too extensive to make simple repairs cost–effective, or when the ducts originally put in were the wrong size or type to handle the air pressure. (We see this all too often in our work!)

Our team will take care of any duct replacement needs quickly and with minimal disruption to your house. We’re experts in air balancing on different levels of a house, so we’ll see that you have an even distribution of comfort around your house.

HVAC Professionals for All of Colorado Springs, CO

When you think you need duct repair or replacement work done—or you think you do—schedule an evaluation with Happy Heating & Cooling. Our experts will find out what services you need done and then arrange for the work. No matter what job is necessary, we will always treat your home like our own and ensure you are satisfied with our services. We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have over 24 years of experience in Colorado Springs, CO making customers happy.