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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Duct Design and Redesign in Colorado Springs, CO

Here is an unfortunate reality about many homes: they have inferior ductwork in them. When a house is built, the ducts are probably subcontracted to be finished as rapidly as possible and without much consideration given to the important details of what makes an effective and energy-efficient ventilation system. People may live in their homes for years without realizing that problems like hot and cold spots and high electrical bills aren’t just “the way it is” but can be changed thanks to a duct redesign.

Happy Heating & Cooling is a residential specialist in HVAC for Colorado Springs, CO. We work with duct design and redesign in the area to help homes overcome problems with their ductwork  and to help new homes start off with the best possible ventilation systems. We are committed to the complete satisfaction of every customer, which is why our motto is “We’re not happy until you’re happy!”

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Duct Evaluation Services

Shoddy original duct installation creates many different problems around a home, but bad air balancing is the most notable. If rooms in the house are often detectably warmer or colder than the other rooms when the comfort system is running, it’s often a sign of inferior duct design. Multiple bends, crimps, ducts that are too small, and lack of proper duct insulation all contribute to this problem.

Our professionals can provide an evaluation of the situation in your home and see what work needs to be done for proper air balancing—how to see air from the heater and A/C are evenly distributed to all the spaces in the house, which can be especially challenging in multi–level homes.

Duct Modification and Repairs

When our team of Air Balance–certified experts have pinpointed the specific troubles in your ducts, they can develop a plan of modification and repairs to correct them. They may need to install new ductwork, such as for ducts that were sized incorrectly to maintain proper air pressure, or create an extensive redesign of the current layout.

In some cases, only small repairs to specific trouble spots may be necessary. You can trust that our team won’t do anything less than the best job possible, which is why we back up all work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

New Duct Design

We can help prevent air balance problems from the start of a home construction project. Our Air Balance–certified pros can create a ventilation system design with ducts that are the correct size, made from the right material, and laid out so to reduce the strain placed on the HVAC system blower fan. With our many years of experience working in the area, our team understands the best way to insulate ductwork to avoid those awful cold spots that can plague a house in winter.

Call the Ductwork Design and Design Professionals in Colorado Springs, CO

Happy Heating & Cooling hires some of the best people in the business, which is why we have a proven track record stretching back to 1994 when we started out. We’re leaders in the local community here in Colorado Springs, CO. Our owner, JD Vigil, has served on the mechanical building board.

You’ll have a tough time finding people more qualified to handle the duct design and redesign work your home needs to reach its highest potential. Over the 24 years we’ve work with homeowners, keeping customers happy has always been our #1 goal.