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Should You Switch to a Radiant Heating System?

Monday, March 4th, 2019

in-floor-heatingThe majority of homeowners use forced-air methods to heat their home. That’s the technical way of referring to heat pumps and furnaces: systems that use the air as the medium to transfer heat. While these systems are fast and effective, some homeowners find them to be lacking.

If you’re looking for a mode of heating in Colorado Springs other than forced-air heaters, radiant heating systems are about as different as you can get! However, switching from forced-air to radiant heating can be a big leap—but it makes sense if you fit the following conditions:

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Is Radiant Heating Right for You?

Monday, November 12th, 2018

in-floor-heatingRadiant energy is a phenomenon we feel daily. You can feel it from the warmth of the sun, from a hot cup of coffee, or even the sidewalk on a hot day. As you know from those examples, radiant energy can give you a warmth that you experience in nature every day. It’s a world of difference from forced-air heaters, which just blows hot air around the room through a more artificial process.

Heating systems that use radiant energy are called radiant heating systems. While these heaters truly are something special, we want to make sure they’re right for you. We’ll explain what we mean down below.

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