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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


3 Ways You’re Taking Your Heater for Granted

three-thingsFor the first year or so that you’re running your new heater, you most likely won’t run into too many issues—especially if it has been installed properly by a good contractor. As time goes on, you might even start taking it for granted.

But there are a few things that you really shouldn’t take for granted if you want your heater to keep working efficiently for years and years to come. In this post, we’ll go over just three things that are simple enough to forget about.

1. Not Scheduling Maintenance

When it comes to cars, it’s common knowledge that keeping it clean, changing the oil regularly, and taking it for routine inspection and repairs are key factors in ensuring it operates well beyond its age.

When it comes to your heater, we suggest using the same mindset. Regular maintenance will help you squeeze as much life out of your system as possible. This is true whether we’re talking about furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, or any other type of heater.

Maintenance is only needed once or twice a year, making it easy to forget about, so don’t be afraid to schedule several months in advance if that’s what it takes.

2. Forgetting the Air Filter

When you first had your furnace installed in Colorado Springs, CO, you may have learned everything about the complex mechanisms behind gas burning, combustion, pilot lights, heat exchangers, blower fans… But would you have expected that the air filter—a couple of fibrous sheets housed in a cardboard frame—could be essential to keeping the furnace running smoothly?

Air filters serve an important role in ensuring that your furnace is protected from dust and debris… but the flip-side is that you’re now responsible for making sure it’s changed regularly. A clogged air filter begins by restricting airflow, which then has a chain reaction on the rest of the system. In summary, it means this: less airflow means less heat, which means forcing your heater to work longer to do the same work.

If you haven’t changed your air filter even once since installation, the chances are high that you’re overdue for it.

3. Not Programming a Heating Schedule

The above two items on this list have the potential to damage your furnace. But for this point, it’s about taking advantage of some amazing potential for efficiency savings. The best part is that it’s something you can do right now:

Programming the thermostat.

The only requirement is that your thermostat is capable of scheduling. Most basic digital thermostats have this functionality (And if your thermostat is anything less than that, then we highly recommend an upgrade).

Without scheduling, homeowners are tempted to use their heater by simply cranking up the heat whenever it gets chilly. Of course, this is all based on how they’re feeling at the moment—there isn’t much objective restraint. With a proper schedule, you can instill some order in the way you run your furnace so that the heating costs can become steadier and more predictable.

To really maximize this advice, it’s recommended to keep the temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as possible, and then to lower it a little bit more when it’s time for bed.

For more tips on running your heater, contact Happy Heating & Cooling today. “If You’re Not Happy, I’m Not Happy!”

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