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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Emergency AC Problems That Just Can’t Wait

air-conditioning-repairIs your AC making a weird noise? Are you not able to feel any cold air coming through the vents? It’s probably time for a repair… but it can wait, right?

The honest answer is almost always “No.” Nearly every common issue with an AC is going to bring you problems somehow, whether it’s by increasing your energy bills or breaking your AC.

If you choose not to believe us, we can’t do anything about that. But we can put together a list of just a few AC problems that demand immediate attention.

If any of these problems occur in your AC, we advise you to turn off the unit and immediately call for air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs, CO.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

You know you have an AC emergency on hand when you can smell it.

If you turn on your AC and discover a moldy, musky smell, you could have what the HVAC industry has named “dirty sock syndrome.”

If you frequently switch between cool and hot settings, your unit could inadvertently create the conditions for growing bacteria. This bacteria will grow on your unit’s evaporator coils—the same coils that are responsible for creating cool air. The fan will then blow that air into the ducts, potentially spreading the bacteria around your home.

Dirty sock syndrome does not qualify your house to be quarantined and tented. However, it can become a threat to your health if mold also begins to grow in your system. But why take the chance? Call a professional immediately if you suspect you have dirty sock syndrome.

Bad Sounds

What should you do if you turn on your AC and hear clanking, scraping, scratching, screaming? First, don’t panic—there’s probably nobody trapped inside your HVAC unit. Next, turn off your AC and call for a professional opinion.

In the best case scenario, a bad noise in your AC could be nothing more than debris or an obstruction. At worst, you could be looking at anything from broken components to refrigerant leaks.

The AC relies on every part to function properly, so even one broken or failing piece can be a serious detriment to the system. The list of “bad AC noises and their causes” can’t be pinpointed by any one article on the internet. It’s important that you call a professional with real experience in these matters.

Refrigerant Leak

Every AC comes installed with a set amount of refrigerant. If there’s any less, the AC won’t be able to perform its main function: cooling your home.

Unfortunately, there is one way that your AC can lose refrigerant, and it’s through leaks.

Leaks often start as pinhole leaks and grow bigger over time. With less refrigerant in the system, your AC will have to work harder to cool your home. The problem will only get worse as the leaks get bigger and more refrigerant is lost.

A loss of cool air, frozen evaporator coils, and hissing sounds are all signs of refrigerant leaks. If you suspect you have one, turn off your unit and call in a professional.

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