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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


3 Warning Signs of AC Trouble

ac-repairYou’ve got your air conditioner blowing cool air through your home, and life feels great. As you grow accustomed to it over the years, you might encounter something that makes you ask yourself, “Was that always like that?”

In the world of air conditioner repair, full-on breakdowns aren’t actually that common. Instead, most of the problems you’ll face will slowly creep up on you, usually reducing your efficiency or raising less urgent concerns. Gone unchecked for too long, though, could result in the need for serious repairs. Below are just three examples of some warning signs from your AC.

The AC Repeatedly Turns On and Off

When you set a temperature on your thermostat, the air conditioner will begin to blow cool air at a slow and steady rate. The objective is to cool the entire home thoroughly. When the job is done, the AC will turn off. This is what’s known as a cycle. When the cool air dissipated and it becomes warm again, another cycle begins.

If these cycles happen quickly and frequently, it’s known as short-cycling, and it can be big trouble for your air conditioner. Short-cycling requires more energy than running a cycle, so it can lead to increased wear-and-tear, higher energy bills, and worst of all, it won’t even keep your home cool!

Strange Noises

Normal AC noises are like one or two clicks when you set the thermostat or the sound of rushing air through the vents. Screeching, banging, clanking, or any new noise that you’ve never heard before is always a sign of danger.

Bad noises coming out of your air conditioner can include causes like leaking refrigerant, obstructed fans, failing compressors, or electrical issues.

No matter what the possible cause of the noise is, it’s not something you want to delay in calling for help. The best advice we can recommend is to turn off the air conditioner and have an AC repair service in Colorado Springs, CO come and inspect.

Warm Rooms

Low or warm air flow has its roots in many problems, from duct leaks to frozen coils. If you feel warm air coming out of one of your AC vents, you’ll have a good reason to call in for repairs. A few reasons for warm air coming out of your vents could include:

  • Duct Leaks: The air ducts are the tunnels of vents that transfer air from the AC to your rooms. The connections between these ducts can loosen or tear over time, and that could result in the cooled air escaping before reaching its destination.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil removes warm air from your home, leaving behind cold air. If this coil freezes over–due to problems like refrigerant leaks or clogged air filters, for example–then it can block airflow and prevent cool air from reaching your rooms.
  • Poorly Sized Unit: Sizing an AC for your home isn’t always done properly. That could leave you with a unit that’s too big or too small for your home. Too big and your unit will short-cycle, never able to efficiently cool the home. Too small and it simply won’t have enough power, meaning the AC will run continuously and waste energy.

Is your air conditioner trying to tell you something? Contact Happy Heating & Cooling today to find out! Because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

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