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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Central Air Conditioners in Colorado Springs, CO

Central air conditioning is almost a given for homes today. Window A/C units are only good for small apartments. For a multi-room home, it takes the power of a central A/C not only to distribute cool air around the house, but also to help save energy and provide convenience.

You likely already use a central A/C system for your home. The contractor to call when you need service for your central air unit is Happy Heating & Cooling. Why? Because we are residential comfort specialists who have been in business since 1994, and we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s right there in our motto: “We’re not happy until you’re happy!”

Contact our friendly staff today for central air conditioning services in Colorado Springs!

The Basics of a Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioner is another way of referring to the standard central A/C system. It separates it from a packaged central air unit, a type of central air unit used primarily for businesses, where all the components are housed in a single outdoor cabinet.

The split air conditioner instead divides the A/C into two units: an indoor air handler with an attached evaporator coil (kind of like the radiator on your car), and an outdoor condenser. The condenser contains the compressor and the condenser coil where heat is released to the outside. The indoor evaporator coil handles absorbing heat to cool the air and pumps the heat out of your house via the refrigerant piping. The air handler then sends the cooled air through the ductwork to the rooms in the house.

Central Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

As you can probably tell from the above description, a split air conditioner is a large, complex device. Installing a new one isn’t a job for amateurs or as a "do–it–yourself" project. Not only does an installation or replacement of a central A/C system require immense amount of labor, it also requires people skilled in sizing HVAC units, certified to handle refrigerant, and those who have the specialized tools.

Sizing is one of the essential tasks: it’s how the installers know the power level of air conditioner to put into a house. An overpowered system is just as bad as an underpowered one! Allow our trained and certified HVAC professionals to have your installation or replacement done fast and correctly. Choosing the right contactor is more important than the brand of equipment you choose. Studies have shown that 90% of A/C installations have some sort of energy wasting deficiency due to poor and improper installation. 75% of all system aren’t charged properly, 60% are oversized, most don’t have the proper air flow and at this altitude air is even more important. These things can make high–efficiency A/C units run below standard levels of efficiency.

Central Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

You’ll expect plenty of work from your home’s cooling system over the summer—and that means you should expect wear and tear to eventually create repair issues. Our service specialists can fix problems that might crop up with your central AC. But they can also help prevent problems from starting in the first place. All it takes is to sign up for an annual  Super Maintenance in the spring or summer. We’ll inspect, document, and go through your system with a fine–toothed comb with the goal of turning it to factory fresh condition. In doing so, we’ll ensure the lowest cost of operation and the longest equipment life possible.

Trust the Colorado Springs, CO Cooling Professionals

With more than 20 years of history delivering quality air conditioning service and thousands of satisfied customers, Happy Heating & Cooling is your top choice for keeping your house cool during hot weather. We’re leaders in the local community in Colorado Springs, CO. We are also certified in system performance Design and air–balancING. We will always treat your home like our own, and we won’t rest until you have complete satisfaction with whatever central air conditioning service we do for you. All our technicians are background checked and drug screened to ensure your families safety.