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Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -

Serving Colorado - Since 1994 -


Air Conditioning Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Enjoying great air conditioning in a home isn’t something that happens by accident. It’s the result of the work of experienced HVAC technicians who know how to install, repair, and maintain many types of cooling systems. With the right people helping with your household air conditioner, you can enjoy uninterrupted days of relaxing comfort through the brutal summer months.

Happy Heating & Cooling is an HVAC contractor of Colorado Springs, CO with more than 24 years of experience assisting homes with great air conditioning. We’re certified specialists and back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Call Happy Heating & Cooling today! We treat your home like our own, and we’re not happy until you’re happy!

Cooling Systems Need Certified Professionals

Taking care of a job for a central air conditioner in a home isn’t something a homeowner can do on their own. It’s not for untrained non–professionals either, no matter how many low cost offers they make. Studies show that 90% of all systems installed have some sort of energy wasting problem due to poor or improper installation. Modern cooling systems are complex pieces of refrigeration equipment—and it takes a certified and experienced HVAC professional to do any air conditioning service, from a basic fix to replacing an aging system with a new one. Our service specialists have the training, experience, and certifications to see that any A/C service necessary gets done right. So, give us a call today to schedule an air conditioning service for your Colorado Springs, CO home.

The Air Conditioning Services We Offer

We specialize in residential service, and we provide the complete range of air conditioning jobs your home may need:

  • Air conditioning Installation and Replacement: If you’re moving in a house without an AC, we’ll see you have the right first system to meets your needs without wasting power. When it comes time to replace and old AC, we’ll have the work done fast and right.
  • Air Conditioning Repair: No air conditioner can be 100% free from all malfunctions. When you need your A/C back in shape to keep you cool, give us a shout.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance: We offer the best maintenance inspection in town, period. An annual maintenance inspection will help your air conditioner run its best for many years and ensure warranty compliance. The average company is in and out of your house in less than 60 minutes, whereas our maintenance can take 2 hours or more, going through your system with a fine–toothed comb. Our goal is to return the system to as close as factory–fresh conditions as possible.

We also work on other cooling systems aside from ducted central air conditioners

  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps are basically ACs that can also work as heating systems. They’re a great two–in–one option for some homes.
  • Ductless Air Conditioning: An alternative to consider for new home construction and home renovations.
  • Evaporative Coolers: These cooling systems use water rather than heat exchange using refrigerant to provide comfort at a lower cost.

Exceptional A/C Services

An air conditioning system working in peak condition can make all the difference on a summer day. You don’t want just "good enough" A/C service, no matter if it’s a small repair or a complete system replacement /upgrade. You want the best possible service from certified technicians who are dedicated to your satisfaction. In fact, 75% of A/C systems are not even properly charged. By working with us, we ensure your A/C is properly functioning in effort to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

At Happy Heating & Cooling, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work and 5–year guarantees on your equipment. It’s all part of seeing that you’re happy with the work we do. Call us to schedule service in Colorado Springs, CO.